Women's Silver Salmon Derby

August 9, 2014

Theme is "Fairy Tales"

The 2014 Women's Silver Salmon Derby will be held on Saturday, August 9th! Check out our Dates & Registration page for more details.

Download a PDF version of our FAQ.

Women's Derby Events are ONLY Open to WOMEN with a 2014 DOG TAG. We are excited that an unlimited number of women can enter the salmon fishing part of the event. Unfortunately, we have limited space at the Civic Center for the events. ADMITTANCE IS NOT GUARANTEED DUE TO SPACE CONSTRAINTS.

2014 Prizes

1st Place: $1000 cash & $1000 in prizes from Prospector
2nd Place: $500 cash & $500 in prizes from Prospector
3rd Place: $300 cash & $300 in prizes from Prospector


Tickets are $50, plus Silver Salmon Derby Ticket (daily or season).

A fishing derby just for women?!?

That's right. The Women's Silver Salmon Derby has been going on for 9 years and running. It is the ONLY women's fish derby in Alaska. You can read more about the Women's Fishing Derby History here.

Weigh in station located near the Harbormaster's business office

For more information, call 907-255-4727 or email info@valdezfishderbies.com.

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