Women’s Silver Salmon Derby

2015 Women's Silver Salmon Derby

2015 Women’s Silver Salmon Derby Slideshow

2015 Women Silver Salmon Derby – Top 3


2015 Women Silver Salmon Derby – Top 50 List


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Place Name Hometown Fish Weight
1st Katrina Church-Chmielowski Glennallen, AK 14.24 lbs.
2nd Viki Kaas Anchorage, AK 14.20 lbs.
3rd Carole Derifield Valdez, AK 13.86 lbs.
4th Sonya Simon Wasilla, AK 13.82 lbs.
5th Marcie Robertson Valdez, AK 13.74 lbs.
6th Diane Stephens North Pole, AK 13.68 lbs.
7th Angelina Fuschetto Eagle River, AK 13.64 lbs.
8th Jeannete Jenn-Lundfelt Anchorage, AK 13.38 lbs.
9th Virginia Goodner Valdez, AK 13.16 lbs.
10th Bonnie Woods Valdez, AK 13.12 lbs.
11th Jo Raymond Loveland, CO 13.06 lbs.
12th Theresa McCain Valdez, AK 12.86 lbs.
13th Jessica Risk Valdez, AK 12.74 lbs.
14th Minerva Carreon North Pole, AK 12.74 lbs.
15th Molly Lannon Hudson, WI 12.68 lbs.
16th Connie Ballow Valdez, AK 12.66 lbs.
17th Evelyn Eames Anchorage, AK 12.54 lbs.
18th Rita McKenzie Anchorage, AK 12.50 lbs.
19th Dana McAlpine Anchorage, AK 12.48 lbs.
20th Connie Huizenga Fairbanks, AK 12.46 lbs.
21st Dezirae Wiley Valdez, AK 12.40 lbs.
22nd Jane Haltness Valdez, AK 12.22 lbs.
23rd Terri Trudeau Wasilla, AK 12.22 lbs.
24th Karen Dullen Fairbanks, AK 12.14 lbs.
25th Stephanie Vlasoff Valdez, AK 12.12 lbs.
26th Lizeth Ney Fairbanks, AK 12.12 lbs.
27th Jesseca Untiet North Pole, AK 12.08 lbs.
28th Bonnie Hinkle Salcha, AK 12.06 lbs.
29th Jennifer Baty Palmer, AK 12.04 lbs.
30th Candy Nahinu Valdez, AK 12.02 lbs.
31st Jennifer Anderson Delta Junction, AK 12.02 lbs.
32nd Andrea Sitton Tok, AK 12.02 lbs.
33rd Diane Jewkes North Pole, AK 12.00 lbs.
34th Tawna Burns Woodland, WA 11.98 lbs.
35th Krynn Jorgensen Fairbanks, AK 11.98 lbs.
36th Jillian Felder Barrow, AK 11.82 lbs.
37th Elaine Bialka Wasilla, AK 11.70 lbs.
38th Donna Waller Valdez, AK 11.66 lbs.
39th Wendy Langseth Valdez, AK 11.64 lbs.
40th Stacey Mitchell Anchorage, AK 11.60 lbs.
41st Christina Cordes Palmer, AK 11.58 lbs.
42nd Kris Hastings Valdez, AK 11.56 lbs.
43rd Talitha Roberts Fairbanks, AK 11.54 lbs.
44th Oot Erickson North Pole, AK 11.50 lbs.
45th Julie Horschel Valdez, AK 11.50 lbs.
46th Judy Olson Livingston, MT 11.48 lbs.
47th Sheila McCleary Valdez, AK 11.48 lbs.
48th Michelle Worthley San Ramon, CA 11.44 lbs.
49th Melody Scott Fairbanks, AK 11.42 lbs.
50th Jean Morrison Gainesville, TX 11.40 lbs.
50th Annie Nesbit Eagle River, AK 11.40 lbs.

Julie Roetman (left) and Linda Dodge

Derby Day – August 8, 2015

August 7, 2015 – Silver Salmon Sisterhood™ Opening Celebration
August 8, 2015 – Silver Salmon Sisterhood™ Awards Party

The Women’s Silver Salmon Derby has been going on for 11 years and running. It is the ONLY women’s fish derby in Alaska.


Tickets are $50, + Silver Salmon Derby Ticket (daily or season).

Registration Info

*Women’s Derby Events are ONLY open to WOMEN WITH A 2015 DOG TAG.

For more details, download the flyer:

Early Registration Begins: August 1st – 8th at the Prospector Valdez (New location! – 200 Egan Drive)
Friday, August 7: After 6:00pm, register up at the Opening Ceremonies at the Civic Center: 6:00-9:00pm
Saturday, August 8: Prospector: 5:30am – Noon

Purchase a Private Table
at Women’s Derby Opening Ceremony
* 5 Sponsors Tables Will be Available Up Front
* Tables are 1K each and seat 8 women up front near stage
Contact Doug at 831-0683 for more information or to purchase your table


Amanda Towne - 2014 Queen

Opening Celebration

Friday, August 7, 2015
Valdez Civic Center • 6:00pm – 9:30pm
Lots of Great Door Prizes • No Host Bar • Wheel of Chocolate • Costume Contest • Fish Olympics
Theme for this year is “Super Heroes”

Awards Party

Saturday, August 8, 2015
“Crowning of the Queen of the Silver Salmon Sisterhood™”
Valdez Civic Center • Doors open at 7:00pm • Event begins at 8:00pm
Music • Door Prizes • No Host Bar • Top 50 Prizes Awarded

Weigh In Hours

9:00am – 6:00pm
Thank YOU to Our Super Weigh In Volunteers! Weigh In station located near the Harbormaster’s business office.

General Information

The 2015 Women’s Silver Salmon Derby will be held on Saturday, August 8th!

A fishing derby just for women?!?
That’s right. The Women’s Silver Salmon Derby has been going on for 9 years and running. It is the ONLY women’s fish derby in Alaska. You can read more about the Women’s Fishing Derby History here.

Women’s Derby Events are ONLY Open to WOMEN with a 2015 DOG TAG. We are excited that an unlimited number of women can enter the salmon fishing part of the event. Unfortunately, we have limited space at the Civic Center for the events. ADMITTANCE IS NOT GUARANTEED DUE TO SPACE CONSTRAINTS.

For more information, call 907-255-4727 or email info@valdezfishderbies.com.

If you have ever wondered where your money goes? Here are the answers.

More Information

Valdez Fish Derbies
Runs Derbies and Events all summer long
Pays Out CASH Prizes for all derbies
Gives away $10,000 CASH to someone who purchases a derby ticket

For more information click the picture below

2015 Womens Derby more info


Women’s Fish Derby History

In 2005, derby clerk Angela Corcoran, came up with the idea of doing a fishing event for women. Corcoran and the Valdez Fish Derby Committee invited Fish Alaska Magazine’s publisher Melissa Norris to be keynote speaker and were pleasantly surprised when 372 women showed up for the registration event at Prospector Outfitters sporting goods. The opening event quickly outgrew the original venue and filled the Valdez Civic Center ballrooms to capacity with 707 registrants in 2010.

In 2009, the Valdez Fish Derbies weigh-in station weighed in more than 1,000 silvers on the Women’s Silver Derby day. The event has turned into much more than a day of fishing with an opening ceremony featuring music, Fish Olympic Games, Door Prizes, A Bachelor Filet-A-Fish Auction to benefit cancer survivors and the infamous Fox River Sock Toss. Lots of local businesses and big name sponsors like: The North Face; Carhartt; Dansko; Merrell; XtraTuffs; Camelbak; Columbia; SmartWool; Haiku; Chuckar Cherries; Grundens; Ugg; Muck Boots; Helly Hansen; Native Eyewear; Smith Sunglasses; Shakespeare; Adventure Medical Kits; Blue Fox; Gamakatsu; Woolrich; SuperFeet; Therma-Rest; Timberland; Life Is Good; Pendleton and Teva provide prizes for the event.


$2,500 Major Cash Sponsor
Prospector Outfitters

$1,000 Cash Sponsor
Best Western Valdez Harbor Inn
Fish Central
Valdez Subway
Valdez Marine & Outdoor
Bayside RV Park

$500 Cash Sponsor
Alaska Tanker Company
Art’s Design
Eagles Rest RV Park & Cabins
Lu-Lu Belle Glacier Wildlife
Polar Tankers/Conoco Phillips
Teamsters Local #959
Totem Inn
Wilson Brothers/ Coke Cola

$250 Cash Sponsor
A Rogue’s Garden
Cap’n Patty Charters
Harris Sand & Gravel
Peter Pan Seafoods
Napa Auto
Stan Stephens Cruises
Valdez Emblem Club #514
Valdez U Drive
Wild Iris Fishing & Sightseeing
Valdez Office Supply

$100 Cash Sponsor
Alaska Halibut House
Harbor Landing General Store
Petro Star Valdez Refinery
Peter Pan Seafoods

$100 Prize Sponsor
Latte Dah
Solomon Falls Seafood