Halibut Hullaballo Information

June 13 - June 22, 2014

Catch the largest halibut during this 10 day period and you will win $1000 cash, in addition to the weekly prizes. A big halibut caught during the Hullabaloo could also hold on as the largest fish until the end of the derby and win the $15,000 first place prize in the derby.

There is no additional fee to fish in the Halibut Hullabaloo. Just get a halibut derby ticket ($10 for the day or $50 for the season), fish between June 13th and June 22nd and if your fish is the largest caught by the end of derby weigh in on June 22nd, you'll win $500 cash. Visit our Tickets page to find out where you can buy tickets.

"Scott Hebig of Wasilla, Alaska, was the 2014 winner."

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